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Benton’s Haulage

Benton’s Garages were refitted with our 160w LED flood lamps and LED tubes. Since this improvement staff have benefitted from a lighter working environment and the company are already calculating savings on their energy bill. 

‘After 11 weeks of the LED’s light being installed our electricity bill has been reduced by £1081.00 We can not believe how good they really are!’  

Ben Ashton

Sheepgate Equestrian Centre

Sheepgate Equestrian Riding School refitted with our 160w flood lamps. They have 120 degree beam angle and can be fitted with a glass or acrylic cover, colour temperature available from 3500 K to 6000 K.

‘Having had new LED lights fitted in our Indoor School in 2014, we cannot believe how much brighter they are, it is like riding on a sunny day all year round. There are no more dark corners and the whole arena feels bigger and brighter.’

Alex Jewell

Companies who have already seen the light

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